Swedish Champion

Adagio Spending My Time With You "Wiper"

Born 22nd of December 1999
Owner Family Stoops, Gothenburg


Red marked = champion / Blue marked = CC and/or speciality winner
Dam Play A While The-Verve LINK bock
Born 20010718
Adagio Catching The Butterfly (D) LINK bock
Adagio Bitter Sweet Symphony (B) LINK bock


Dam Airescot Exquisite Emerald LINK  
Breeder G & H Söderberg, born 20021004
Emagusta Bay Leaf (B) LINK bock


Dam Ch Siprex Maja LINK bock
Breeder B-L Grötterud, Norway, born 20030831
Siprex Sebastian (D) LINK  
Siprex Sirius (D) LINK  
Siprex Sally (B) LINK bock
Siprex Sara Sunniva (B) LINK  
Siprex Selma (B) LINK bock
Siprex Sif (B) LINK  
Siprex Siri (B) LINK bock
Siprex Sofie (B) LINK  
Siprex Stina (B) LINK  


Dam Ch Siprex Lena LINK  
Breeder Petronella Thunblom, born 20060804
Quidditch Let The Game Begin  (D) LINK  
Quidditch Master Of The Game (D) LINK  
Quidditch Enjoy The Game (B) LINK  


Dam Falconcrag Adagio Radio LINK bock
Born 20100109
Adagio Fade To Grey (D) LINK bock
Adagio Ginger Girl (B) LINK bock
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