Finnish Champion
CACIB Winner

Adagio Blue Hour "Roma"

Born 22nd of October 2010
Owner Irina Aho (Gazell's), Finland

vit roma litter b
All in the litter by Roma sired by "Vito" Sobresalto Quann Staje C'me-re


Sire Sobresalto Quann Staje C'me-re LINK bock
Breeder Irina Aho, born 26/06/2014
Gaselle's Fellini (D) LINK bock
Gaselle's Fonzarelli (D) LINK bock
Gaselle's Fantasia (B) LINK bock
Gaselle's Fontana (B) LINK bock
Gaselle's Funicula (B) LINK bock
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