CACIB and R-CAC winner

Adagio Sakura "Cindy"

Born 10th of April 2014
Owner Anita Ahlström, Alvesta, Sweden

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DSC 1674
Cindy on the move. Pictured 2017 by Richard Nörrelökke.

cindy vax

cindy vax a
Cindy pictured at Växjö International dog show 02/11/2014

980A2757 ciny
Five months old in September 2014

sakura grafsnas
Cindy in the arms of her new owner beginning of June 2014.

sakura 8w right head sakura 8w left headsakura 8w right

sakura 8w left
Eight weeks old.

sakura 5w
Five weeks old.

sakura 24d a

sakura 24d b

sakura 24d c
Twenty four days old.

sakura 17 b
17 days

tiesto one week b
One week old

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