2 x CAC winner

Adagio Bowler "Milton"

Born 03/07/2016
Owners Elisabeth Hellberg, Christoffer Pradjiotis, Sweden


01/11/2019 SKK Int Växjö, judge Benny Blid von Schedvin

 bos bob eslov 2019
21/09/2019 SKK Eslöv, judge Anette Edlander (Pre Eminence)
CAC and BOS, to the right BOB Ch Allettes W N'W Cox Orange



CAC and junior CAC winner

Adagio Wotalotigot "Cozy"

Born 13th of September 2015
Owner Morgan Slätt, Sweden

cosy autum 2018
Cosy pictured in October 2018 ©Per Afzelius


Sire Ch Esedra El Rey LINK bock
Breeders Morgan Slätt & Per Afselius, born 20181119
Bellzelius Enzo Del Rey (D) LINK bock
Bellzelius Nico Del Rey (D) LINK bock
Bellzelius Pepe Del Rey (D) LINK bock
Bellzelius Luna De La Reina (B) LINK bock
Bellzelius Ruby De La Reina (B) LINK bock

American Champion

Adagio Witch Hazel "Lezah"

Major and Best of winners.

Born 09/09/2015

Lezah and pups
Lezha with her pups at the age of four weeks.


Sire Tangens Fly Me To The Moon
LINK bock
Breeder Eva Engvall, born 20190123
Tangens Escape Velocity (D) LINK bock
Tangens Over The Moon (B) LINK bock
Tangens Race To The Moon (B) LINK bock
Tangens Reaching For The Moon (B) LINK bock
Tangens Returning To The Moon (B) LINK bock

CAC, CACIB, BOB winner.
SBIS puppy winner, Group placed.

Adagio Easter Parade "Vincent"

Born 12/04/2017
Owner Lena Magnusson Hellberg
LINK to youtube


vincent fredericia2019b
10/02/2019 Federicia, Denmark DKK judge Jean-Francois Vanaken, Belgium.
CAC, CACIB, BOB and group-4. handler Per Afzelius ( Bellzelius) ©Sofia Bruse Hakell

vincet dk cac
04/08/2018 Billund, Denmark DKK judge Myriam Vermeire, Belgium.
CAC, Nordic CAC and BOS. Handler Morgans Slätt. To the left Magic Colour Sugar Blue with her owner Nanna Friis Jensen ©Per Afzelius.

galleri 6970 700
31/03/2018 Malmö SKK int, Judge Martin Croeser, Sout Africa.

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