International, Italian KC, Italian Sighthound Club, Croatian, Slovenian, Finnish,
Swedish, Danish, Swiss & Austrian Chamipion
Veteran World Winner 2012. European Winner 2006.
Lure Coursing License.

Rivarco Arwen "Arwen"

Arwen is officially confirmed by ENCI (Italian kennel club) as
Dam of Merit for producing nothing less that 4 Italian champions, 5 International champions

Breeder Gaetano Turrini, kennel Rivarco, Italy
Born 12th of April 2004
Owner: Mauro Perna, Italy

arwen tribute
Ch Rivarco Arwen tribute with pictures of her offspring in one of the most succesful whippet litters in the world all sired by
Ch Adagio Love Supreme, Ch Rivarco The Dancing Queen, Ch Rivarco Thunderbird, Ch Rivarco Tiramisù Per Adagio,
Ch Rivarco Tinuviel, Ch Rivarco Teller of Tales, Rivarco Theodor in Love, Ch Rivarco The Latin Lover and Rivarco The Swan.

arwen daughters
Arwen surrounded by three of her daughters.....Olga,Sookie and Sharon, picture from 07/07/2014
Ch Rivarco Candy Tuft, Ch Rivarco Tinuviel and Ch Rivarco Celebrrian

generation DSC 1961
This picture shows three generetions from the left "Torta" Adagio Sbrisolona,
"Tina" Ch Rivarco Tiramisù per Adagio & to the far right grand mother Ch Rivarco Arwen


Red marked = champion / Blue marked = CC and/or speciality winner

bockmeans photo available

Sire Ch Adagio Love Supreme
LINK bock

Breeder Gaetano Turrino, Italy, born 20081216

Rivarco Teller of Tales (D) LINK  bock
Rivarco Theodor in Love (D) LINK bock
Rivarco The Latin Lover (D) LINK  bock
Rivarco The Swan (D) LINK  
Rivarco Thunderbird (D) LINK bock
Rivarco Tudor Oliver (D) LINK  
Rivarco The Dancing Queen (B) LINK bock
Rivarco Tinuviel (B) LINK bock
Rivarco Tiramisù Per Adagio (B) LINK bock


Sire Ch Adagio Crowdstopper



Breeder Gaetano Turrino, Italy, born 20111111
Rivarco Conte of Florence (D) LINK bock
Rivarco Cosmopolitan (D) LINK bock
Rivarco Candy Tuft  (B) LINK bock
Rivarco Carnival Samba (B) LINK bock
Rivarco Celebrrian (B) LINK bock
Rivarco Cloud Nine for Adagio (B) LINK bock
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