International, Swedish & Danish Champion

Rivarco Tiramis├╣ per Adagio "Tina"

Best In Show Winner at Bremen all breed show2013,
JWW-09,  BOB Junior & BOB at the World dog Show in Bratislava 2009
Lure coursing license. Crufts qualified for 2010

Born 16th of December 2008
Breeder Gaetano Turrini, Italy.
Owner Owner Adagio and Kristina Blad, Tina is the mother of litter 21 LINK, litter 22 LINK and litter 24 LINK


tina head
Tina pictured in March 2012

generation DSC 1961
A genneration picture from the left Tina's daughter "Torta" Adagio Sbrisolona in the middle Tina herself
and to the right Tina's mother "Arwen" Ch Rivarco Arwen, The picture was taken September 2011.

_DSC4313_w _DSC4308_w
Tina pictured at last weekend of April 2011 Her first litter is 6 weeks old at the moment.

_DSC3273_w _DSC3263_w
Tina pictured at Easter weekend 2011 Her first litter is 5 weeks old at the moment.

Tina winning her Swedish Championship in January 2011 under judge Leif-Ragnar Hjort from Norway
At this occasion Tina was handled by her "favorite breeder" Mauro Perna.


tina vilsta 2010
Tina pictured at the National 2010 at Vilsta, Eskilstuna.

Tina a sunny day in July 2010.


_DSC4254_red _DSC4263_red
1,5 years

1,5 years

Spring 2010

Spring 2010

Tina and I in the audience watching when Tina's mother Arwen goes Best In Show at Askersund 2009.
Photo by Marie Sandberg

Tina pictured as an youngster now at kennel Adagio.

Tina at the Garda lake as a puppy photo by Fabio.

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