International* and Swedish Champion

Jelistaz Prince Waliant "Prinsen"

*Not confirmed by FCI

Born 6th of February 2010
Breeders Stefan Söderberg & Susanna Holmberg, Västerås, Sweden
Owners Ulla Hjerling, Stefan Söderberg & Susanna Holmberg, Västerås Sweden.

Picture taken at the Stockholm show in December 2010





Starswift Wild Boy

Welstar Red Robin

Gorwynne Reed Bunting of Baldrey

Welstar Reflections
Nearco Honey Bee at Starswift

Stormalong Griffin
Princess Titania

Adagio The Way You Dream

Adagio Love Supreme

Carry On Pastrami

Flic Flac Kiss Of Love

Fennaur Emmeline Pankhurst

Fennaur Delacroix

Birkonbrae Summer Love
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