One CAC in the ring and four out in the field.

Falconcrag Adagio Radio"Fergie"

Swedish Whippet Club's Triple prize qualified.
Born 1st ofOctober 2004.
Breeder Mrs Pamela Marston-Pollock, England.

"Fergie" is the mother of Adagio's 14th & 18th litters.


Red marked = champion / Blue marked = CC and/or speciality winner


Sire Thunder's Johnny B Goode LINK bock
Born 20070622
Adagio Cobweb (D) LINK bock
Adagio Mustardseed (D) LINK bock
Adagio Peaseblossom (B) LINK bock


Sire Ch Adagio Spending My Time With You LINK bock
Born 20100109
Adagio Fade To Grey (D) LINK bock
Adagio Ginger Girl (B) LINK bock
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