Mithrandir Sweet Soprano at Hubbestad

Born 20th of January 1991
Breeder RB Mrs (Pip) Campbell, Wales, England
Owner Mrs Gerd Flyckt-Pedersen (Sweden) USA.

Picture pending

Mithrandir Sweet Soprano at Hubbestad
Whippoorwill Lanza of Bohem

Proud Fox of Whippoorwill

Greenbrae Barn Dance
Jessica of Whippoorwill

Whippoorwill Bohem Aria

Hardknott Maestro of Bohem

Whippoorwill Precious Gem

Mithrandir Spider Orchid

Hardknott Mystery

Novacroft Madrigal

Belinda of Hardknott

Mithrandir Gavotte
Hardknott Neptune of Mithrandir

Peppermint of Peperone
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