Italian Champion

Sportingfield Primrose at Sobers "Audrey"

Born 29th of September 2007
Breeders Jesse Martin and Debbie Butt, USA
Ownners Bitte Ahrens Primavera and Pierluigi Primavera, Italy

audrey stack

audrey move


Sporting Fields Live On

Wenrick's Man About Town

Sportingfields Jazz Fest

Sportingfields Rea N'Wenrick

Sporting Fields Right On

Sporting Field's Rock On

Raybar's Talladega Tara

Mill Landing's Bahama Breeze

Mill Landing's Tommy Bahama

Mill Landing's Bold N'Majestic
Morshor's Fatal Attraction

Morshor's Ferrari

Morshor's Main Attraction
Morshor's Fire Dancer
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