Swedish and Finnish Champion, Swedish Junior Winner-2016

Adagio Orchard Plum "Anita"

Top Whippet in Sweden 2018, BOB and CACIB winner. Oval track racing licence. 

Born 09th of September 2015
Owner Adagio


Sire Ch Adagio Love Supreme (A.I) LINK bock
Born 25 May 2019
Adagio  Macaroon Hex (D) LINK bock
Adagio Pansy Shell  (D) LINK bock
Adagio Snapper Biscuit (D) LINK bock
Adagio Eggshell Crack (B) LINK bock
Adagio Lavender and Lace(B) LINK bock


Sire Adagio Easter Parade LINK bock
Born 04 October 2020
Adagio Autumn Stone (D) LINK bock
Adagio Curling Bark (D) LINK bock
Adagio Foggy Day (D) LINK bock
Adagio Oak Leaf (D) LINK bock
Adagio Raw Amber (D) LINK bock
Adagio Woven Blue (D) LINK bock
Adagio Eternal Violet (B) LINK bock
Adagio Shetland Lace (B) LINK bock

Swedish Champion, SE Junior winner 2016 (Swedish junior winner 2016)
Oval track racing licence

Adagio Red Fall Affair "Maxwell"

BOB winner, grouped placed.

Born 09/09/2015
Owner Adagio


Dam Ch Librium's Remarkable Rose
Breeder Gerd Rössland, Norway, born 20180205
Librium's Generous Gardner (D) bock
Librium's Golden Celebration (D) bock
Librium's Noble Antony (D) bock
Librium's Shropshire Lad (D) bock
Librium's The Prince (D) bock
Librium's The Squire (D) bock
Librium\s Alexandra Rose (B) bock
Librium's Alnwick Rose (B) bock
Librium's Bourbon Rose (B) bock
Librium's Cottage Rose(B) bock
Librium's Mary Rose (B) bock


Dam Nemaz Problemaz BigBadaBoom

Breeder Maria Gustavsson, born 20180313
Nemaz Problemaz Let The River Run (D) bock
Nemaz Problemaz Just Follow Me (B) bock
Nemaz Problemaz Let Me Be Me (B) bock
Nemaz Problemaz My Name Is (B) bock
Nemaz Problemaz Plz Stand Up (B) bock

Swedish and Finnish Champion and Swedish Junior winner 2016

Adagio Orchard Plum "Anita"

Top Whippet in Sweden 2018, CACIB, BOB and CACIB winner.

Born 09/09/2015
Owner Adagio


anit mydog2019IMG 0004
01/11/2019 SKK Int, judge Benny Blid von Schedvin
BOB and CACIB, BOB to Allettes Irish Mist Drambuie. ©Torbjörn Flygar

anita diploma w

Anita's diploma from the Swedish Whippet Club for top whippet 2018.

anit mydog2019IMG 0004
03/01/2019 SKK Nordic, MyDog, Gothenburg, judge Leif-Herman Wilberg, Norway
BOS and Nordic CAC, BOB to Oscarberg Chillastic, owner Trine Schippers, Norway

anita p u vaxjo w
Anita pictured in the group by ©Per Undén, group judge Sylvie Desserne  from France.

anita alone vaxjo2018

bob vaxjo2018
04/11/2018 SKK IDS Växjö. Judge Carina Ekwall
BOB and Group-2, BOS to Ch Twyborn Big Ben owned by Jörgen Oinonen. ©Per Afzelius

anita table m martin

anita enk m martin

bob comp m martin

bob M martin

bob alone M martin
14/10/2018 SvVk/ö The Swedish Sighthound Club, Enköping. Judge Maraget Martin (Barnesmore) N. Ireland
BOB and BIS-2, BOS to litterbrother "Maxwell" Ch Adagio Red Fall Affair ©Per Afzelius.

anita bis 4 700
©Per Hedlund

fairwaywDSC 6975
09/09/2018 SvVl Tånga-hed/Vårgårda Birgit Wamberg (Fairway)Denmark., bred judge,
Rudi Peters Brandt (Frontrunners) Denmark, BIS judge.
BOB and BIS-4. BOS to Ch Surrey Hill Mariner Hoptical Illusion Photo©Yvonne Lindström.

anita backamo
26/08/2018 SKK nat,Backamo/Lungskile Liz-Beth C Liljeqvist breed and group
BOB and group-2,. CAC,BOS to litter brother Ch Adagio Red Fall Affair photo©Charlie Lejdebrandt

18/08/2018 SKK nat,Eskilstuna judge Saija Juutilainen, Finland
BOB and group-3

Stromsholm 2018 BT w
Best bitch competition. From the left Anita, Steven Espositi with Ch Snow Hill After Midnight,
Henrik Härling with Play A While A Story Set In Motion, Mona Riberg with Adagio Dawn to Dark and
finally Anna Karin Widén with Ch Fornix Jonna. ©Jeanette Lindblad kennel Magic Colour

Stromsholm 2018 Anita02w
Anita by herself.
Jeanette Lindblad kennel Magic Colour

Stromsholm 2018 BIS BIM w
28/07/2018 SW (The Swedish whippet club), judge Caroline Osborne (Derohan), England.
BOS, BIS to Komoseoss Asiklium Of Sam ©Jeanette Lindblad kennel Magic Colour

anita tvaaker 2018 w
©Per Undén

bob bos tvaaker2019 700
©Yvonne Lindström

anita tvaaker 2018 alone
©Yvonne Lindström
07/07/2018 SKK nat, judge Mike Caple (Morsefield) GB (breed) and Lyn Appleby, Ireland, (group)
BOB and group-2,. BOS to the left "Jackson" Hot Isle Tabasco

DSC 8368 bob bos w
16/06/2018 SvVk Tånga Hed, judge Iveta Vojtekova, Slovakia.
BOS. BOB and BIS (to the left) Ch Ch Twyborn Big Ben
09/06/2018 SKK Vänersborg, judge Christophe Coppel Dixmoor), France, Henrik Härling (Play A While) group judge.
BOB and Group-4, BOB and BIS veteran to Ch Adagio Crowdstopper, BOS to Ch Absoliuti Idile Elpis Royal ©Monica Edvinsson
12/05/2018 SKK Lidköping, judge Henrik Skog
CAC, Swedish and Finnish Championship


07/07/2017 SKK Int Tvååker, judge Knut Blutecher (Showline), Norway


bos bob intermidiate tanga2017 copy
18/06/2017 SW Tånga Hed judge Felicity Tompson (Barnesmore), Ireland
BIS intermidiate (Bos in intermidate her litter brother Adagio Red Fall Affair

23/04/2017 SKK Västerås, bred judge Diane Stewart Richie (Gwendariff).
CAC, BOS. CAC, BOB and group-3 to litter brother A. Red Fall Affair.

Anita pictured at the age of 14 months, winning her Swedish Junior winner 2016 title ©Emmie Merta

A OrchardPlumSJV


BIS BIM 2700
To the left "Anita" in the middle the judge Marie Gellerstam to the right Lisa with "Tyler" Ch Burnt Sienna Sandstone Quarry
©Jörgen Oinonen

29/10/2016 SW, Vingåker judge Marie Gellerstam (Allettes)
BOS. ©Lisa Winder

bir bim enkoping foto michael vikstrom700
09/10/2016 SvVk Enköping judge Carina Ekwall
CAC and BOS. BOB to Ch Twyborn Big Ben ©Michael Vikström

20160924 aland 4

a20160924 0530

20160924 aland 5
24/09/2016 FKK/Åkd Int Eckerö/Åland/Finland judge Diane Stewart-Ritche(Gwendariff) Ireland,
CAC and BOS, CAC, CACIB, BOB and group-3 to Ch Adagio Summer Burst. Bitch CACIB to Ch Adagio Sbrisolona
©MagicColour, Anita scillfull handled by  Jeannette Lindblad, knl Magic Colour

per 8

©Per Afzelius

per 5
31/07/2016  SvVk Strömsholm, Judge Jarmo Vourinen (Sheiks) Finland
CAC and BOB (around 150 whippets in competition) BOS to Ch Burnt Sienna Sandstone Quarry ©Morgan Slätt



International C.I.B, Swedish Danish and Finnish Champion, Danish Club Champion

Adagio Summer Burst "Marwin"

9 x CAC, 5 x CACIB and 7 x BOB winner, Group placed at KC Championship level.
Crufts qualified 2017

Born 5th of July 2014
Owner Heidi Karlsson, Denmark




Dam Ipanema-Inoa de l'Eden d'Isawan LINK bock
Breeders Juliette & Fabrice Gontier, France born 12/09/2016
Magnus de l'Eden d'Isawan (D) LINK bock
Malcolm de l'Eden d'Isawan (D) LINK bock
Maximus de l'Eden d'Isawan (D) LINK bock
Melvyn de l'Eden d'Isawan (D) LINK bock
Margott de l'Eden d'Isawan (B) LINK bock
Millerose de l'Eden d'Isawan (B) LINK bock
Mirva de l'Eden d'Isawan (B) LINK bock
Mona de l'Eden d'Isawan (B) LINK bock


Dam Ch Adagio Sbrisolona LINK bock
Born 12/04/2017
Adagio Easter Parade (D) LINK bock


Dam Ch  Librium's Perfect Portrait LINK bock
Breeders M. Slätt & P. Afzelius, born 03/01/2018
Bellzelius Could It Be Magic (D) LINK bock
Bellzelius Found Heaven (D) LINK bockd
Bellzelius Rule The World (D) LINK bock
Bellzelius You’re The One (B) LINK bock



Swedish Champion, SE Junior winner 2016 (Swedish junior winner 2016)
Oval track racing licence

Adagio Red Fall Affair "Maxwell"

BOB winner, group placed.

Born 09/09/2015
Owner Adagio



A video from "Maxwell's" first race in the beginning of October 2019. Courtesy to Viktoria G Thor.

maxwell licens
Maxwell pictured in the end of September 2019 just after that he achieved he's licence for oval track racing:
photo and ©Sara Bûlling.

maxwell stro 2017
Maxwell pictured at Strömsholm "Skokloster Summer Show 2017" Maxwell was placed as No 4 in the dog competintion
with RCAC under Emma North-Row (Barmaud) Ireland. ©Per Afzelius.

mawell tanga 2017sunday b
Maxwell pictured in June 2017 by ©Per Afzelius

whippet 4990 print cut
Maxwell pictured in April 2017 ©Lillemor Böös

DSC 0843 700 p
Maxwell pictured in February 2017 by ©Lisa Winder

maxwell gtbg 2017

Mawell to the right  and to the left his litter brother "Santos" Adagio Prairie Smoke
owned by Emilia Åhman, first time in intermediate at MDog 2017, Maxwell winning the
CAC and Santos winning RCac. ©Per Afzelius

maxwellvinaker2016 copy
Maxwell pictured in Vinåker October 2016 by ©Lisa Winder

Maxwell pictured in the summer of 2016 by ©Per Afzelius

©Per Afzelius

maxwell kolx
Maxwell pictured in the beginning of June 2016 by ©Krister Olander Lindblom

maxwelllandskrona06 5
Maxwell winning BIS puppy at the sighthound club show in Landskrona in the middle of May 2016, under judge
Haraold Tatro (Red) USA

maxwelllandskrona06 1

maxwelllandskrona06 2
Maxwell winning BOB puppy at the sighthound club show in Landskrona in the middle of May 2016, under judge
Haraold Tatro (Red) USA, to the right BOS puppy " Cosy" Adagio Wotalotigot, owned by Morgan Slätt ©Per Afzelius
maxwelllandskrona06 4
Maxwell pictured in the middle of May eight months of age by
©Per Afzelius

maxwelllandskrona06 6
Maxwell pictured in the middle of May eight months of age by
©Morgan Slätt

Adagio Red Fall Affair 3 Adagio Red Fall Affair 2Adagio Red Fall Affair 1
Nearly six months old, pictured in the end in a cold February 2016 by Jinny Balogh


red1000DSC 4869
Three months old.

Two months

DSC 5759fedfallw
Seven weeks


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