Barnesmore Enchantress of Hillsdown

Born 28th of November 1993
Breeder Lucinda & Felicity Thompson, N. Ireland. Owner Erminio Gizzarelli (Sholto) Italy.

Barnesmore Enchantress of Hillsdown

Hillsdown Sorcerer

Phinjani Pinball Wizard

Kaymark Mad Max (1983)

Bizzie Lizzie of Hutaka

Hillsdown Blaque Rose
Blacque Legacy of Hillsdown

Siobhan of Hillsdown
Barnesmore Rhiahanne

Norwill Barley at Hammonds

Newbold Muffinman
Barleyhorn Josie

Hino Legacy

Painted Pony
Barnesmore Blue Angel
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