CAC winner,

Adagio Prairie Smoke "Santos"

Lure Coursing CAC

Born 09th of September 2015
Owner Emilia Åhman, Sweden


stefan koge 1227
Pictured in November 2017 ©Per Afzelius

santo lccacw
20171008 SvVk Torne, judges Per Nordahl and Ingrid Ekholm Ydreborg
Santo winning his first LC CAC

Pictured in August 2017 ©Emilia Åhman.

DSC 2490 DSC 2495DSC 2485
Pictured in June 2017 ©Jinny Balogh

santos 042017
Pictured in April 2017 ©Emilia Åhman.

santos tanga 2017
Santos pictured in the middle of June 2017 by ©Per Afzelius

DSC 0917 001
Pictured in the middle of February 2017 ©Emilia Åhman.

Santos with his owner Emilia and litter brother "Maxwell" Adagio Red Fall Affair

Santos inspected by judge Hans Almgren.


santo 980A9681
Santos pictured in Gothenburg at MyDog 2017, Santos winning the RCAC
©Per Afzelius

31okt 3

31okt 2
Pictured 31 of October 2016 ©Emilia Åhman

santos ha1b
Santos on the move in May 2016, pictured by Per Afzelius

santoslandskrona06 1
Santos pictured in the middle of May 2016 ©Per Afzelius

Adagio Prairie Smoke 7 manader huvud1 Adagio Prairie Smoke 7 manader huvud2Adagio Prairie Smoke 7 manader kropp
Seven months old in April 2016

santo varberg bog
Santo BOG puppy in Varberg in April 2016 for judge Theres Johansson.

santo malmo bob
Santo in action in Malmö, March 2016, where he was BOB puppy for judge Reiner Jacobs.

santo 6 m head1 santo 6 m head3santo 6 m
Six months old in March 2016.

Back home with the "harvest".


Santos at his second show in the middle of March 2016, the judge Anette Köster-Lind made him win BIS-2,
the owner Emilia  was very happy.

emellia 980A8385

emellia 980A8317
Santos with Emilia at their very first show , end of February 2016,
he is nearly six months old.

santo5mc 700
Five months, February 2016

Three months old

DSC 1264

DSC 1018

DSC 0062 001

Eleven weeks

DSC 9033

DSC 8680

DSC 5785prairw
Seven weeks

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