International, Swedish, Norwegian & Finnish Champion

Carmodey Pastisch "Stisse"

Born 28th of May 1996
Breeders Lena Hjalmarsson & Peter Hjalmarsson, Flen, Sweden.
Owners Christina Grimberg.

photo© Åsa Lindholm


Birkonbrae True E'Nuff

Hillsdown Fergal

Birkonbrae Coeur de Lyon

Siobhan of Hillsdown

Birkonbrae Buttons 'N' Bows

Samarkand's Beau Ranger

Nicely Naughty at Birkonbrae

Carmodey Miami

Hubbestad Going Dutch

Pencloe Dutch Gold

Mithrandir Sweet Soprano at Hubbestad

Carmodey Moksiis

Colt's Intuition

Carmodey Pawnee
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