Swedish Champion

Librium's Perfect Design "Polo"

BOS winner

Born 9th of October 2013
Breeder Gerd Røssland, Norway.
Owner Adagio


polosthlm 14

polo3sthlm 14

polo2sthlm 14
Polo pictured in December 2014 at the Stockholm show, here handled by Rob Wheeler, judge Morag Bolton-Lockhart

980A2578 polo move b

980A2796 polo stacked

980A2573-polo stacked 1
Polo pictured at the age eleven monhts at 13th of September 2014

 WIN7711  WIN7703 WIN7663
Polo pictured at the age seven monhts at 11th of May 2014

DSC 9373 DSC 9378DSC 9353

DSC 9371

DSC 9390
Polo pictured at the age of five and a half monhts in the end of March 2014

DSC 8982 DSC 8981DSC 8975

DSC 8971

DesignDSC 8366 DesignDSC 8365DesignDSC 8362

DesignDSC 8354
Ten weeks of age 17th of December 2013


hane sex head

hane sex

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