Swedish Champion

Adagio Red Fall Affair "Maxwell"

BOB winner, grouped placed.

Born 09/09/2015
Owner Adagio


Dam Ch Librium's Remarkable Rose
Breeder Gerd Rössland, Norway, born 20180205
Librium's Generous Gardner (D) bock
Librium's Golden Celebration (D) bock
Librium's Noble Antony (D) bock
Librium's Shropshire Lad (D) bock
Librium's The Prince (D) bock
Librium's The Squire (D) bock
Librium\s Alexandra Rose (B) bock
Librium's Alnwick Rose (B) bock
Librium's Bourbon Rose (B) bock
Librium's Cottage Rose(B) bock
Librium's Mary Rose (B) bock


Dam Nemaz Problemaz BigBadaBoom

Breeder Maria Gustavsson, born 20180313
Nemaz Problemaz Let The River Run (D) bock
Nemaz Problemaz Just Follow Me (B) bock
Nemaz Problemaz Let Me Be Me (B) bock
Nemaz Problemaz My Name Is (B) bock
Nemaz Problemaz Plz Stand Up (B) bock
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