Swedish and Finnish Champion and Swedish Junior winner 2016

Adagio Orchard Plum "Anita"

Top Whippet in Sweden 2018, CACIB, BOB and CACIB winner.

Born 09/09/2015
Owner Adagio


anita diploma w

Anita's diploma from the Swedish Whippet Club for top whippet 2018.

anit mydog2019IMG 0004
03/01/2019 SKK Nordic, MyDog, Gothenburg, judge Leif-Herman Wilberg, Norway
BOS and Nordic CAC, BOB to Oscarberg Chillastic, owner Trine Schippers, Norway

anita p u vaxjo w
Anita pictured in the group by ©Per Undén, group judge Sylvie Desserne  from France.

anita alone vaxjo2018

bob vaxjo2018
04/11/2018 SKK IDS Växjö. Judge Carina Ekwall
BOB and Group-2, BOS to Ch Twyborn Big Ben owned by Jörgen Oinonen. ©Per Afzelius

anita table m martin

anita enk m martin

bob comp m martin

bob M martin

bob alone M martin
14/10/2018 SvVk/ö The Swedish Sighthound Club, Enköping. Judge Maraget Martin (Barnesmore) N. Ireland
BOB and BIS-2, BOS to litterbrother "Maxwell" Ch Adagio Red Fall Affair ©Per Afzelius.

anita bis 4 700
©Per Hedlund

fairwaywDSC 6975
09/09/2018 SvVl Tånga-hed/Vårgårda Birgit Wamberg (Fairway)Denmark., bred judge,
Rudi Peters Brandt (Frontrunners) Denmark, BIS judge.
BOB and BIS-4. BOS to Ch Surrey Hill Mariner Hoptical Illusion Photo©Yvonne Lindström.

anita backamo
26/08/2018 SKK nat,Backamo/Lungskile Liz-Beth C Liljeqvist breed and group
BOB and group-2,. CAC,BOS to litter brother Ch Adagio Red Fall Affair photo©Charlie Lejdebrandt

18/08/2018 SKK nat,Eskilstuna judge Saija Juutilainen, Finland
BOB and group-3

Stromsholm 2018 BT w
Best bitch competition. From the left Anita, Steven Espositi with Ch Snow Hill After Midnight,
Henrik Härling with Play A While A Story Set In Motion, Mona Riberg with Adagio Dawn to Dark and
finally Anna Karin Widén with Ch Fornix Jonna. ©Jeanette Lindblad kennel Magic Colour

Stromsholm 2018 Anita02w
Anita by herself.
Jeanette Lindblad kennel Magic Colour

Stromsholm 2018 BIS BIM w
28/07/2018 SW (The Swedish whippet club), judge Caroline Osborne (Derohan), England.
BOS, BIS to Komoseoss Asiklium Of Sam ©Jeanette Lindblad kennel Magic Colour

anita tvaaker 2018 w
©Per Undén

bob bos tvaaker2019 700
©Yvonne Lindström

anita tvaaker 2018 alone
©Yvonne Lindström
07/07/2018 SKK nat, judge Mike Caple (Morsefield) GB (breed) and Lyn Appleby, Ireland, (group)
BOB and group-2,. BOS to the left "Jackson" Hot Isle Tabasco

DSC 8368 bob bos w
16/06/2018 SvVk Tånga Hed, judge Iveta Vojtekova, Slovakia.
BOS. BOB and BIS (to the left) Ch Ch Twyborn Big Ben
09/06/2018 SKK Vänersborg, judge Christophe Coppel Dixmoor), France, Henrik Härling (Play A While) group judge.
BOB and Group-4, BOB and BIS veteran to Ch Adagio Crowdstopper, BOS to Ch Absoliuti Idile Elpis Royal ©Monica Edvinsson
12/05/2018 SKK Lidköping, judge Henrik Skog
CAC, Swedish and Finnish Championship


07/07/2017 SKK Int Tvååker, judge Knut Blutecher (Showline), Norway


bos bob intermidiate tanga2017 copy
18/06/2017 SW Tånga Hed judge Felicity Tompson (Barnesmore), Ireland
BIS intermidiate (Bos in intermidate her litter brother Adagio Red Fall Affair

23/04/2017 SKK Västerås, bred judge Diane Stewart Richie (Gwendariff).
CAC, BOS. CAC, BOB and group-3 to litter brother A. Red Fall Affair.

Anita pictured at the age of 14 months, winning her Swedish Junior winner 2016 title ©Emmie Merta

A OrchardPlumSJV


BIS BIM 2700
To the left "Anita" in the middle the judge Marie Gellerstam to the right Lisa with "Tyler" Ch Burnt Sienna Sandstone Quarry
©Jörgen Oinonen

29/10/2016 SW, Vingåker judge Marie Gellerstam (Allettes)
BOS. ©Lisa Winder

bir bim enkoping foto michael vikstrom700
09/10/2016 SvVk Enköping judge Carina Ekwall
CAC and BOS. BOB to Ch Twyborn Big Ben ©Michael Vikström

20160924 aland 4

a20160924 0530

20160924 aland 5
24/09/2016 FKK/Åkd Int Eckerö/Åland/Finland judge Diane Stewart-Ritche(Gwendariff) Ireland,
CAC and BOS, CAC, CACIB, BOB and group-3 to Ch Adagio Summer Burst. Bitch CACIB to Ch Adagio Sbrisolona
©MagicColour, Anita scillfull handled by  Jeannette Lindblad, knl Magic Colour

per 8

©Per Afzelius

per 5
31/07/2016  SvVk Strömsholm, Judge Jarmo Vourinen (Sheiks) Finland
CAC and BOB (around 150 whippets in competition) BOS to Ch Burnt Sienna Sandstone Quarry ©Morgan Slätt



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