4 x CAC, 4 x CAC, CACIB, BOB and BOS winner

SE JunV- 2016 (Swedish junior winner 2016)

Adagio Orchard Plum "Anita"

Born 09/09/2015
Owner Adagio


antia tanga2017 sunday copy
Anita pictured in June 2017 ©Per Afzelius

antia tanga2017 sunday b
Anita at the move with Morgan at Tånga Hed June 2017

DSC 0872 700
Anita pictured in February 2017 ©Lisa Winder

Anita pictured at the age of 15 months. ©Per Afzelius


Anita at the table inspected by judge Hans Almgren in Gothenburg 2017 at MyDog 16 months of age.
©Per Afzelius

DSC 8189 1 700
Anita pictured on the move at the age of 10 months in July 2016 by ©Emilia Åhman

per 12
"Anita" pictured at the age of nine months. ©Per Afzelius

per 14

per 11 copy
Anita pictured at midsummer 2016 ©Per Afzelius

anita1 krister 700
"Anita" pictured at the age of nine months. ©Krister Olander Lindblom

anitalandskrona06 1"
Anita" pictured at the age of eight months. ©Per Afzelius 

"Anita" pictured at the age of eight months. ©Per Afzelius

Adagio Orchard Plum 3 Adagio Orchard Plum 2
Adagio Orchard Plum 1
Nearly six months old, pictured in the end in a cold February 2016 by Jinny Balogh

anita1000DSC 4836
Three months old

Two months

DSC 5697orchardpw
Seven weeks


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